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  1. In the case of shortness of breath that has lasted for weeks or longer (called chronic), the condition is most often due to: Asthma; COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) exacerbation — worsening of symptoms ; Deconditioning; Heart dysfunction; Interstitial lung disease; Obesity; Pleural effusion (accumulation of fluid around the lungs).
  2. When you have shortness of breath, you can’t catch your breath or get enough air in your lungs. Your doctor might call it dyspnea. It can be a warning sign of a health problem that needs treatment.
  3. out of breath Breathing with difficulty, panting, gasping. For example, After five flights of stairs I'm out of breath. This slightly hyperbolic term (since literally running out .
  4. Feb 14,  · Sudden shortness of breath, or breathing difficulty (dyspnoea), is the most common reason for visiting a hospital accident and emergency department. It's also one of the most common reasons people call for an ambulance.
  5. gulping for breath. tired out. hissing. phlegmy. congested. “I was out of breath and could do little more than wheeze and clutch at the stitch in my side.”. Adjective.. Feeling tired, fatigued or weary.
  6. Jan 26,  · In older patients who mostly feel short of breath during exercise, it’s much more likely to be a symptom of disease of the heart and/or lungs. For everyone else, there are three causes of shortness of breath that are common, minor, and often partially treatable.
  7. There are several kinds, but one that may cause shortness of breath is SVT, or atrial tachycardia. In SVT, the heart rate speeds up because the heart’s electrical signals don’t fire properly.
  8. Fatigue and Shortness of breath WebMD Symptom Checker helps you find the most common medical conditions indicated by the symptoms fatigue and shortness of breath including Heart rhythm disorder.
  9. Jul 19,  · Shortness of breath on exertion is a sign that your lungs aren’t getting enough oxygen in or not getting enough carbon dioxide out. It can be a warning sign of something serious. Causes of.

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